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March 28, 2016 Nbi Editor

Biotech Industry SolutionsNFI Corp provides industry solutions for many different types of industries. One growing industry that relies on these product solutions is the biotech industry. A very basic definition of biotechnology is that it is an industry based on biology that can be used to harness cellular and bio-molecular processes to develop technology solutions and products that can be used to improve human lives. For over 6,000 years, people have used the biological processes of microorganisms to create food products that we use every day, such as cheese, bread and dairy products. The biotech industry creates modern breakthroughs in products and technologies that can be used for a variety of beneficial applications.

As a result there are hundreds of biotech companies that require specialized equipment that can be used for all of these processes and activities. Due to the nature of the industry, there are special needs when it comes to the materials and products used to create these biotech industry solutions. NFi works with equipment manufacturers to create custom keypad graphics with Virtual Button Imagery ™, as well as keypad graphic overlays, that are designed to exceed industry standards to provide superior resistance to repeated exposure to chemicals and abrasives. With over 30 years of experience working with custom products like these, NFi is the perfect source for these specialized biotech industry solutions.

Understanding the Biotech Industry
To gain a better understanding of what our keypad graphic overlays, custom keypad graphics and Virtual Button Imagery ™ will be used to create, it pays to have an understanding of some common examples of biotech industry businesses. Facilities that provide upstream or downstream processing, molecular biology solutions, and media and solution preparation, which are fundamental activities in the biotech industry. Equipment is also needed for the core facility, which is where equipment that can be shared by groups of labs is usually located.

Biotech industry solutions are used to create this equipment, which can have a variety of specific needs and requirements to ensure the durability, safety and long-lasting abilities of the custom keypad graphics and overlays that we are hired to create. Some of this equipment can include a variety of different types of refrigeration units that are used to store temperature sensitive reagents, media and cultures.

Virtual Button Imagery ™ and keypad graphic overlays need to be functional and durable in extreme temperature situations to ensure the longevity of the product. Basic household refrigerators on up to freezers that remain at -20 degrees to -80 degrees Centigrade are common, as well as refrigerated centrifuges, shaking incubators, bio-safety cabinets, and shaking water baths. It is important that the custom keypad graphics and other products we create for clients in need of biotech industry solutions can stand up to repeated exposure to temperature, chemicals, abrasives, and liquids. We work closely with our clients from the beginning stages of design to ensure that the materials, finishes and options chosen will provide the desired results.

New Options in Custom Keypad Graphics
In recent years, Nameplates For Industry announced the development of custom keypad graphics that were designed to feature high-resolution Virtual Button Imagery ™, which appears to look like embossing, but without the cost of tooling. This application creates keypad graphic overlays with dimensional imagery that looks like real embossing, providing a clear, visual indication of the active key areas. An excellent choice for biotech industry solutions, these keypads can be made from multiple materials based on the client's specifications and needs, including Lexan® polycarbonate and Mylar® polyester. They are laminated underneath to prevent any machine induced abrasions and can also include other features, such as zoned adhesives, EMI/RFI shielding, and spacer backings.

Clients can choose from full-color options in just about any shape and size to feature the keypad graphic overlays with Virtual Button Imagery ™ at Nameplates for Industry. The custom keypad graphics are subsurface printed and can be designed to include an unlimited array of holes and windows for truly custom results. The window material is designed for optimum clarity, relying on our own Texturite™ process to create selective textured finishes. All of the custom keypad graphic overlays that we design for our clients are priced based upon the construction and the quantity. We can provide customers with FREE price quotes. Our many years of experience producing custom printed products has helped us to have the unique ability to create these highly evolved products for biotech industry solutions.

Contact NFi for Biotech Industry Solutions
If you are interested in learning more about the new techniques and options available in our Virtual Button Imagery ™ for custom keypad graphics, keypad graphic overlays and other products used in biotech industry solutions, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-999-8900. Our team can provide you with a FREE estimate for any of our products or services. Make sure to ask about all of our specialty materials and industry innovations to create long-lasting and durable options for your products.

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