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December 13, 2018 Jessica Turner

Protect your assets from burglars!

Whether your business is large or small, it’s important to track and protect your products.NFI Corp_inventory_screen capture_blog-1-1

Remember the warehouse scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark? When you think of custom inventory tags and bar code labels, you might envision a vast warehouse with sky-high shelves or endless crates. If you’re a large business needing inventory labels for a global supply chain – manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping – then NFI Corp is here to help you.

Or do you run a small business? If so, it’s incredibly important to track product inventory as well as manage physical assets – while discouraging theft. It’s easy with NFI Corp’s custom inventory tags and barcode labels. Your company’s critical assets may include:

  • vehicles
  • laptops/tablets
  • handheld electronic devices
  • furniture and office equipment
  • tools and manufacturing equipment

Need short run or long run? Barcodes or QR codes?

Large or small, your business has unique needs. Our technical experts offer guidance with:

  • Static or unlimited variable data including barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, or model numbers
  • UL® Labels and CSA, CE and RU certification labels (NFI Corp is a UL-approved label supplier)
  • The exciting link technology with invisible QR codes
  • Imprintable or Capturite® (self-laminating) labels for DIY serial numbering
  • Nearly unlimited design and adhesive flexibility to meet your specific needs
  • Unlimited variable designs with Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator
  • Short-run and long-run projects


Which option fits your specific needs?

Take a moment to review NFI Corp’s Quick Reference Chart, below. This guide will help you determine the custom inventory tags and barcode label that best supports your application.


Quick Reference Chart:

3 Types of Custom Inventory Tags & Barcode Labels


Durable plastic decals to track products and property

NFI Corp_asset tags_barcode labels_inventory blog-1

Applications include:

·      Product tracking, inventory control, asset management, warehousing, shipping

·      Include model numbers, serial numbers, static or variable data, QR codes, or barcodes

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Features & options:

·      Cost-effective

·      Abrasion and chemical resistant

·      Custom-engineered, permanent adhesives

·      High-performing durability

·      Weatherproof; appropriate for indoor and outdoor use

·      Peel tabs for easy application

·        Imprintable or Capturite® (self-laminating) labels to handwrite serial numbers, dates, etc.

Metal asset tags to withstand extreme environments

NFI Corp-Metal-Collage-1024x1024_inventory_blog

Applications for metal asset tags and nameplates include:

·        Aircraft

·        Boats and watercrafts (saltwater immersion)

·        Trucks & other vehicles

·        Construction tools & equipment

·        Military materiel

·        HVAC equipment


Features & options:

     Aluminum, brass, plated alloys, stainless steel

·        Anodized, etched, printed or sealed photo-metal

·        Thickness range up to .125″

·        Adhesive for permanent application

·        Adherence customization: U.S. military specifications MIL-P-19834 or MIL-P-15024

·        Cutouts/holes for exceptional durability (can be riveted or screwed to surfaces)

·        Etched or stamped serial numbers and barcodes, QR codes, etc.

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Tamper evident and tamper proof labels to discourage theftNFI Corp_Tamper Proof_tamper evident labels_inventory_blog

Applications include:

·        Prevent theft of physical assets

·        Warranty and repair control (ensure consumers don't inappropriately meddle with components)

·        Compliance for medical devices, etc

·        Asset management

·        Product tracking

·        Inventory control

·        Warehousing

·        Shipping

Features & options:

1.       Tamper-evident labels (often referred to as tamper proof or tamper resistant labels) are constructed with durable Mylar®. The front of the label warns “Void if removed.” When someone tries to lift off this label, the message underneath says “VOID” or shows a pattern.

2.       Destructible vinyl labels (often referred to as indestructible labels) disintegrate into tiny pieces when someone tries to remove them, which can prevent theft. This type of sticker shows clear evidence of being disturbed. Destructible vinyl labels cannot be reused or reapplied to other assets.

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Get a prototype of your custom inventory tags and barcode labels

NFI Corp's Prototype Program offers rapid product development with guaranteed fast turnaround. You’ll be able to test the form, fit, and function in just days.

Our Prototype Program features:

Learn about our Prototype Program
  • Individualized support from our skilled design and pre-press team
  • Rapid development (3-5 day delivery)
  • Small quantity production (10 pieces)
  • Testing without the costs of full production or tooling


Whether large or small, your company needs to track and protect products and property.

Rely on our technical expertise to get the custom inventory tags and barcode labels that best fit your specific needs.

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