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September 13, 2016 Beatrice Thouveny

Durable safety labels help to keep equipment operators safe – and comply with new OSHA standards, taking effect this year.


When you look at a ladder, how many safety labels will you find?


Up to 17! Why so many? According to the CDC, ladders are a major cause of occupational injuries and deaths. Safety labels can help operators avoid accidents, improve the equipment’s safety record, and reduce the manufacturer’s insurance costs. Here at Nameplates For Industry, we firmly believe safety labels can add to your company’s bottom line!



Every piece of machinery or equipment you design, build, and install must have complete safety warnings and operational instructions.

The clock’s ticking. We’re in the “Transition Period” for OSHA’s GHS/hazcom deadline. If you need safety labels, the time to act is NOW. Hazard communication labels must comply to OSHA’s new standards. Click to learn more.

In addition, the following organizations publish best practices and requirements – for the United States and internationally – with an emphasis on using well-designed, effective safety labels:

High-performing safety labels keep your company compliant – and keep workers safe.

It’s imperative that you clearly display safety warnings and operational instructions on durable, high-quality labels. We’re a U.S. company, and we take pride in creating safety labels and nameplates that:

We’re proud to announce our own safety record!

At Nameplates For Industry, we operate a wide variety of potentially dangerous machinery. We are committed to safety and, in fact, achieved 300 days of safety in June. We’re proud to announce that we’ve broken that record with 386 days of safety!

We’re standing by to help your company focus on safety with high-performing safety labels for the equipment you design, build, and install.






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