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March 16, 2022 nficorp

NFI's Top 10 Questions

NFI gets many questions from prospects and customers so we thought we would share a few! 

1. Why should we choose NFI to work with compared to competitors?

NFI is the global leader in the production of custom, high-performing graphic solutions that are customized and crafted with superior quality and durability to a variety of industries. With over 40 years of craftsmanship, our talented and skilled staff works with companies and clients to provide transformative solutions of the highest quality and value.

You should choose to work with NFI compared to competitors because of:

  • 47 years in business
  • Our highly precise color matching skills
  • Team of 10 designers
  • Experienced staff who can guide you
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative who works with you directly and updates you throughout your project
  • Cutting edge digital printing presses: 4 high performing Indigos Roll and Sheet-fed

Our highly skilled team is ready to assist you with any project!


2. What are your certifications?

ISO 9001:2015, UL, CSA, ITAR, and ROHS


3. Do you only work with large companies?

We work with any size company, small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, self-employed, military, etc. We have both short-run and large-run capabilities, so any project of any magnitude is possible.

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4. Do you provide beginning to end service?

Yes! Once you contact us, you will be assigned a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who will work with you from the day you call until the day your product ships. Your CSR will act as the liaison throughout your project so that you only have to ask one person any questions you may have during the course of your project.

Do you need help with the design? We can help! We have a team of 10 designers who work with you directly to create the perfect artwork!


5. Are you able to work with our design team?

At NFI we are used to working with various teams such as engineering, purchasing, and design. We collaborate on projects and communicate every step of the way until your product is in your hands.


6. What are the sizes that you can print on?

We can print on any size since we have all the equipment available to print- small or large, we will make it happen!


7. Can you send us free samples?

Yes, please fill out this form and we would love to get you some samples!


8. What is your lead time?

All of our products are custom designed so lead time depends on the project. You will receive lead time at the time of the pricing quotation. Some materials have higher lead times than others, but they will always be communicated to you.


9. How does your pricing compare to your competitors?

Everything we design is custom and just for you, so naturally, it is more expensive than a stock product, but our engineers and CSRs are always willing to work with you to make sure you get the most value for your money. If the material you have in mind is more expensive than an alternative material, we will suggest an alternative material to meet your cost requirements.


10. Can you print variable data?

Yes, we can print variable data, barcodes, serial numbers, QR codes digitally or thermally.


Our responsive and dedicated customer service representatives are ready to collaborate and consult with you, answer any questions you may have, and provide valuable knowledge to you so that you may achieve your graphic solutions goals.

It is our pleasure to discuss any specific questions just by calling toll free 1-800-999-8900

Get it done right – and get it fast – with no guesswork.

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