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June 01, 2020 Beatrice Thouveny

As individual states have begun the phased approach to reopening economies, business owners are questioning the safest ways to transition forward. The CDC, OSHA as well as federal, state and local health agencies have recommendations for planning to reduce employee’s risk of exposure to the virus.


The guidelines range from frequent handwashing, to identifying sick employees to restructuring entire workforces, such as required telecommuting. 


NFI corp office safety signage-1


One of the areas that seems to be critical, regardless of the level of risk associated with the profession is health protective signage. It is intended and necessary to keep both employees and customers safe. As businesses owners pivot to put best practices in place amid the current circumstances, NFI Corp is happy to make this decision an easy and economical one.

Our aim when creating these high quality, durable products was to take the guesswork out of the equation for business leaders/decision makers. The signage featured here is universal. It is applicable across industries and geographies. We are and always have been a custom graphic printer however, and are happy to create a design to best meet your business’s needs.

Our three most requested health protective signs for the workplace are illustrated below and are available in standard sizing: 7” x 9”, 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 14.25”, 12” x 12” & 12” x 19”:


Virus Prevention:

OEM Virus Prevention Sign

Social distancing floor decals:


OEM Social Distancing Floor Sign 2


Wall graphics for social distancing:

 OEM Social Distancing Wall Sign

Safety Bundle Kit

NFI Corp is pleased to offer you our Safety Bundle Kit. It contains:

(5)  12" x 12" Social Distancing Floor decals 
(5)  12" x 12" Social Distancing Wall Signs
(5)  11" x 8.5" Virus Prevention Tips Signs

NFI Corp Safety Startup Kit Promo  (1)


At NFI Corp we are prepared to help with any of your specific needs. As you prepare to reopen you can count on us for products that will help your customers and employees to stay safe.

Businesses can’t operate the way they did before the country was in lockdown but we will get there. People are anxiously awaiting more familiar! They are sure to be more focused on keeping themselves virus free and these products will help to put their minds at ease.

Picking up the pieces after a furlough or simply resuming business operations are not simple tasks and today, they come with a new level of complexity. Finding the right balance between business momentum and safety is a fine line . NFI Corp.’s health protective signage can help and with our fast turnaround you can go ahead and check this item off your “back at it” checklist!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you get all of the attractive, on-brand signage you need. We wish you great success in reopening!


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